New independent study highlights positive economic impact of Stadio della Roma
By Stadio della Roma, 02 Nov 2016

A new independent study of the impact of Stadio della Roma – Tor di Valle on the city of Rome has found that the project will directly reduce unemployment in the Capital.

The findings of the study, entitled ‘The Economic and Social Impact of the project Stadio della Roma-Tor di Valle’ and conducted by Sapienza University, will be formally presented on November 14 at 10.30AM at the University La Sapienza.

Among the many highlights of the study, the team of Sapienza University has estimated that during the project’s construction period, more than 1,500 people will be employed in the building sector.

When the works are finished, there will be 4,000 new employees, with between 15,000 and 20,000 professionals working within the Business Park. This increase in the total number of employees will lead to a reduction of the general unemployment rate of the Capital City by 1% in 2019.

The study, which will be illustrated by the Dean of the Faculty,Giuseppe Ciccarone and by the team of professors who drafted the document, finds that the positive effects stemming from the Stadio della Roma – Tor di Valle project will bring benefits to the people of Rome from the very beginning of the construction works. 

According to the study, the €1.6 billion investment - fully funded by private investors over six years - will have an economic impact on the city of Rome that will be approximately two and a half times greater than the economic benefit generated by Expo 2015 on Milan, relaunching many industrial sectors such as construction, entertainment and services in the process.

The study also examines the social impact the project will have on the city of Rome and highlights how the planting of 10,000 new trees will create one of the most important green lungs of the capital and see 10,000 visitors a day.

The project involves about 180 hectares in the Tor di Valle area, with almost 80% (141.5 hectares) for public areas.

As it relates to the private works, 12% (21 hectares) of the area is devoted to the stadium, while the Business Park will occupy only 7% (12.5 hectares) of the project. 

About the 30% (62 hectares) of the project will be destined to public green areas.

The Stadio della Roma – Tor di Valle project, is currently under examination in the regional Conferenza dei Servizi, the last administrative procedure before the final authorisation for the start of the construction works. 

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