Councillor: Everyone has expressed positive opinions
By AS Roma, 24 Nov 2017

As the final phase of the evaluations of the Stadio della Roma project begin in Rome, councillors are confident the process will conclude smoothly.

The four main governing bodies involved in the decision - Roma Capitale, Città Metropolitana, Lazio Region and State - are discussing the final elements of the proposed stadium project as part of the conclusion of the ongoing 'Conferenza dei Servizi', with one councillor revealing that all the discussions have been positive.

“From what I've heard – and, as you know, I'm not involved in the conference – there's a very constructive atmosphere," said Michele Civita, town planning councillor for the Lazio region. 

"Everyone has expressed positive opinions and the observations made by the various institutions are all being looked at to harmonise everything. 

“It's the last conference so there's a lot of work to do and I'd like to thank all the experts who have worked on this important project in such a professional manner."

Civita expects a final verdict on the project to arrive early next week. 

“I want to tell you that we're optimistic the conference will reach a positive conclusion," he added. "I don't think it will finish today, though; it's more likely it will finish next week, on Monday or Tuesday. 

“Obviously meetings like this are necessary to discuss some of the key aspects and the observations made by the various public institutions regarding the most delicate area, which of course involves the stadium but also a quadrant of the city where thousands of people live as well as thousands of fans, and above all it involves private roads and public transport, which serves the entire area. 

“It's a constructive effort in the interests of the city, in the interests of Roma and in the interests of the fans.”

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