Baldissoni heralds an 'historic day' for Rome
By AS Roma, 24 Feb 2017

Following Friday's meeting at Campidoglio in Rome, AS Roma managing director Mauro Baldissoni made the following statement:

“On behalf of the president, Mr. Pallotta, and the whole of Roma, I would like to thank the mayor for being here today. We know she's had a slight problem with her health, but it's a vital sign to see her here to finish the work we started this week.

"The previous project was born out of a resolution and an agreement with the former administration, and we made it known we were open to the idea of revising it according to the visions and needs of this new administration, so we're very proud and pleased to have come to an agreement that improves the project and offers the city a chance to be part of a big project that we believe can be a source of pride for everyone who lives here, regardless of whether they're Roma fans or not.

"At the risk of seeming excessive, I'll say that this is somewhat of an historic day not only for Roma, bringing our dream of having a modern infrastructure one step closer, but also for the city as a whole.

"This is a way of bringing together different institutions to improve how we go about projects of this kind. The project is very ambitious; we're pleased that this government, even though they’ve inherited it in a form different to how they would have liked, has decided to embrace and improve it.

"Finally we can say that we can move forwards together.”

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